Heatless Curls Tutorial

I’ve always wanted to have beautiful curls without using heated products. I’ve watched countless YouTube tutorials but none of them seemed to work for my hair. Even using a curling iron didn’t give me the curls that I wanted, because I have quite a lot of hair and it is pretty thick too. I finally came across an item that gives me wonderful curls.


I purchased this item from Yesstyle and got them for really cheap (around £8 for two sets) but unfortunately they don’t seem to sell it anymore. However, I believe they are called Curlformers and you can purchase them elsewhere but they are a little more expensive.

Depending on your hair length, you may need to buy longer twirls and depending on the amount of hair you have, you may need to buy two packs instead of one, but be sure to read reviews before purchasing it.

It comes with a hook and lots of twirly things (Sorry, I don’t know what to call them, let’s just call them twirls). There are many tutorials on YouTube to show you how to put them on, but most of them put it on from the top of their head whereas I prefer to put it at the bottoms of my hair (as seen in the image above).

For the best results, make sure to wash your hair and either air dry it (completely heat-less method) or blow dry it (using heat but not so damaging compared to a curling iron) to about 85-90% dry. Use curling mousse to ensure your curls last longer and are not frizzy. Make sure your hair isn’t too wet or else it won’t curl.

Pull the twirl through the hook all the way down, then place the hook on a strand of hair (as seen on the model) and pull the twirl through. The amount of hair you use per strand depends on the thickness of your hair.

If you are using a hair dryer, you can blow dry your hair with these twirls in to ensure that they are 100% dry since it is a lot harder for your hair to dry when they are trapped in the twirls. If air drying, leave them in for a few hours to ensure that it is fully dry before taking them out.

Now, you can sleep in these overnight and take them out the next morning for an effortless gorgeous look to start your day. If you want these for an evening out, you can simply use this during the day and take them out after a few hours. I normally sleep in these overnight so I achieve longer-lasting curls, but personally I think leaving them in for a few hours gives the same result.

IMG_9986 (2)

And this hair curling tutorial is complete! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below!

Lots of love…

Jadeyy xo




Yesstyle haul

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first fashion blog post. Today I will be reviewing items from, a famous Asian clothing website with adorable and affordable clothes. Sometimes items may look amazing online, but when you buy it, it looks completely different in real life. Here are some items I have purchased and I will give my honest review on them. Bare in mind – I have made many purchases from this site already so there will be more Yesstyle blog posts in the future.

Note: The images on the left are the original pictures from the website, and the ones on the right are my own pictures.

For reference, I am 160cm and normally wear a UK Size 6/8, and EU size small.


  1. Sheer Long-Sleeved Blouse + Camisole (Light Almond – One Size)

I really like this top, the neckline is very stretchy which is good because there is a lot of room and does not feel like you’re being strangled. The sleeves give a cute balloon puff effect (as seen in the picture on the left), and the fact that the camisole comes separately and not stuck to the top is very useful. The item is not exactly the same colour as the image on the model, it is slightly more of a beige colour rather than white, however this didn’t bother me too much. It is a cheap top that you can wear casually or professionally.

2. Striped Cropped T-Shirt (White – One Size)

The material of this top is so soft and smooth, I was very pleased with it. It looks the same as the photo, I bought this top in white. It also comes in black (as shown on the model). Very cheap and high quality.

3. Mock Turtleneck Sweater (Gray – One Size)


4. Belted A-Line Skirt (Gray – One Size)

This skirt is adorable – is exactly like the picture. The only downside I would say is that it can get creased quite easily.

5. Inset Shorts Ruffled Mini Skirt (Wine Red – One Size)

This skirt is more of a skort as it has shorts underneath which is very useful if you are not wearing tights. It is not too short and not too long – can be worn for casual wear or for business wear if paired with a fancy blouse.


6. 3/4 Sleeve Lace Top + Jumper Skirt (One Size)

I received many compliments when I wore this outfit for work. The jumper skirt is separate from the top – once again very useful as you can wear the jumper skirt with other clothes. The straps were slightly loose on me as I am petite so they would fall down occasionally, but it isn’t too big of a problem.

7. Notch-Neck Windowpane Dress (Light Blue – M)

From looking at the picture on the website I thought it was going to be a skater dress, but it’s more of a bodycon dress and I felt quite restricted when wearing it. It still is quite cute – but I don’t really suit bodycon dresses due to my body proportions.

8. Mock Two-Piece Sleeveless Dress (Off-White + Black Skirt)

The material is of very high quality and the skirt fans out just as it does on the model. I received many compliments whilst wearing this dress. I have worn it both for formal occasions and also as a summer going-out outfit. Absolutely adorable and I’ll most likely purchase one of the other two soon.


9. Crocheted Light Jacket (Almond – One Size)

This cardigan was quite a disappointment. It appears to be a white flowy cardigan but in reality it is more of a beige colour. After wearing it a few times there were lots of loose threads hanging and I had to frequently cut off the strands. There are ribbons on the sleeves that can be tied to tighten it, but it comes apart quite easily. Not exactly the best quality, but otherwise a nice cardigan to wear in the summer.

10. Open-Front Beach Coverup (Premium Edition – White – S)

This 3/4 length beach cover up is a perfect item for hot summer days – just as a regular cardigan to wear out and about or for its intended use – as a beach cover up. I wore this during my vacation at Miami – it helped protect me from the blazing sun due to its thin material.

11. Fleece-Lined Hooded Poncho (Navy Blue – One Size)

This poncho is adorable for the Christmas season – it’s fleece lining makes it soft and cosy. It is very warm – perfect for those cold Winter days where you want to throw on something to add a little cuteness to your outfit.


12. Faux Leather Convertible Backpack (Dark Gray)

This convertible bag can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a backpack. I ordered the one in gray it is my favourite bag to use when I go out. There were four lines dented in the backpack when it arrived (as seen in the picture on the right), but despite that it is a very versatile backpack.

So that’s it for this first Yesstyle haul + review, there’ll be many more to come in the future so stay tuned! Use my friend rewards code here.

Lots of love…

Jadeyy xo